Tapping Into Wealth Meetups

We are pleased to announce that we will facilitating a Tapping Into Wealth Meetup.  

We are restructuring the format of these Meetups so please check back in the New Year for dates and times.

If you could use extra money in your life and want to discover your limiting beliefs behind your wealth then join us for these meetups!
On an unconscious level we have a set-points which originated in childhood and prevent us from attaining or earning more. If you would like to
Rise Above your current set-points sign up today! We will be clearing, healing and re-wiring our money manifesting ability as a group!

These Tapping Into Wealth Meetups will be beneficial for anyonw trying to get some financial traction in their lives or business!

"Scientific research shows that when people get together and do just a few hours of EFT, 
a huge chunk of their lifetime accumulation of emotional distress disappears.”    
                                                                                                                       ~ Dawson Church, PhD ~

Date: TBD

Meetup Location: TBD
Meetup Time: TBD