Simply put our Business Mission is to Help Our Clients Save Money While Helping Others. 

We do this by providing outsourced services to organizations, authors and educators which include:

Marketing & Promotion

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Graphic Design
  • Ad Placement Booking
  • Conventional Advertising Mail-outs
  • E-mail Campaign Creation & Management
  • Website Creation Coordination
  • Strategies to promote your products or services

Social Media Management

  • Creating  & Scheduling Posts
  • Tracking Results

Publishing Services for Authors and Educators

  • Typesetting for Books, Magazines, Courses
  • Self Publishing Ventures

E-Course Development  for Educators

  • Organize, Layout, Create and Implement your E-course

Miscellaneous Services

  • Research (Costing, Products, Information, etc)
  • Organizational (Spreadsheets, Performance Metrics, and much more)
  • Product Development (Product Part Numbers, Bar Codes, Costing, Photos, Description, Marketing Features & Benefits)
  • Special Inquiries welcome

Workshop Facilitator

  • Coordinate, promote and facilitate your workshop in our local market

Though we love working with businesses from all industries, in the past we specialized in the self-help, personal growth, natural health, conscious living, alternative therapies and spiritual communities.  For example we have assisted International Spiritual Educators with their book creation and online courses. Also, as the past publisher and current owner of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine, Digest and Directory we have plenty of experience with layout, design, dealing with printers and Getting You The Best Value For Your Dollar.


Our Personal Mission is to Help Propel People Forward in their journey to wellness and personal mastery. For this reason we offer resources, concepts, tools and courses that are designed to help individuals move through a specific health or personal challenge (emotional, physical or spiritual). The resources we provide might just be the information they need at that given moment!